Motokazu Yoshizuka President
"Quality goods manufacturing"
Introducing world leading technology in the global market
Yoshizuka Seiki Co., Ltd.
Motokazu Yoshizuka

Since our establishment in 1941, we have been engaged in manufacturing, starting with aircraft parts, then with versatile automatic machineries like tobacco making, steel rolling, and powder compacting presses.

Technological know-how and a relationship of mutual trust with our customer accumulated over many years , mainly in domestic the market, are now gradually receiving a favorable evaluation in the world, and becoming a strong corporate power.

In these days, technology advancement is progressing on a world-wide scale, and new demands are being stirred up every da y. Yoshizuka is determined to promote “Quality Goods Manufacturing” backed by unsurpassed technological power and innovative ideas.

It goes without saying that there is an increasing need in the global market for high quality goods production at lowest possible cost, and for opening overseas production bases in light of human resources and products distribution factors.

Under these circumstances, Yoshizuka Seiki is ready to make contributions to the further progress of the world's industries by meeting the multi-polar needs of cost reduction and shorter delivery times, while promoting technology development, devoting ourselves to quality goods production, and cultivating global competitive power.